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Main Pond Project

Dear Spring Lake Condominium Owners,

The Board is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a five-year project to restore the height of the main pond. The project was necessary in order to reverse the effects of erosion caused by over topping of the berm that lies between the pond and the conservancy pond to the north.

The solution involved installation of an artificial weir, which is not susceptible to erosion, to direct the flow of water through a metal channel (i.e. A "spillway") at a consistent height. The weir was constructed, during the winter of 2016"2017, in accordance with a permit issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources ("WDNR"). In that permit, WDNR specified that the height be set at its current level, being 810.5 feet above sea level, even though the original level, being the initial height of the natural berm, was slightly over 812 feet. Long-term SLCA residents recognize the big difference - both aesthetically and ecologically - between the original height and 810.5 feet.

In December, WDNR issued an amended permit that corrects the error and allows for installation of risers that will raise the level to 811.7 feet. This week, Outagamie County confirmed that it has no regulatory concerns regarding an 811.7 foot level. Accordingly, the Board has approved and authorized the corrective work, which may be completed before Spring at a total cost of under $10,000, which will be funded from the operations and/or reserve account, a11 assessment will not be necessary,

This important project was directed and managed by many SLCA members, each of them serving as unpaid volunteers. Bob Elliott and Stan Kline handled the original construction and Bob is working with the contractors to complete the project. Ed Bush coordinated the effort to secure the amended the permit. He spent numerous hours doing research to best understand the history of the ponds, springs, runoff, elevation, erosion, wetlands, vegetation, natural habitat, and the building of the weir. He prepared a 38 page report with photos and maps and supporting documentation. This was presented to the WDNR as a request for them to review and amend the original permit. Bob Elliott, Bard Rozelle, Tom Schmidt, Stan Kline, Tom and Pat Asmuth served as an ad hoc committee assisting Ed. Steve Kaiser, of Larson Engineering, designed the weir, assisted Ed and the committee and will oversee the project, along with Jesee Rose from Environmental Services Plus (ESP). Ben Hamblin and Stuart Boerst, of McMahon Engineering, worked on a previous weir design and verified the original, correct pond level, and WDNR managers, Robert Rosenberger and Scott Koehnke, reviewed the request to amend the permit and met with the ad hoc committee, on site, on November 27th, 2017.

The staffs of State Representative Dave Murphy and Senator Ron Roth provided useful assistance and insight. Representative Murphy was especially helpful, coming on site twice: first in the summer to view the situation and offer suggestions; and, second, during the WDNR site visit. His presence during the November

27th meeting was influential in the WDNR's decision to amend the permit. We are extremely appreciative of their time and efforts.

Preliminary measurements for this project will be taken on Monday, January 7th. The work will be done by the entrance closest to W6934 Rivendale Court. No large equipment should be needed, other than a welder and a small back hoe to carry the part down and place it.

The Board is both pleased by the outcome and grateful for the contributions of the individuals mentioned above. We thank you for your continued patience as we finalize this project.


The Board of Directors

Spring Lake Condominium Association

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