Update on Burn of Prairie and Wetlands Areas

As was shared with our Association membership last fall, Springlake Condo Board of Directors has contracted with Jon Kellermann, Wildland Fire/Natural Resources Instructor, at Fox Valley Technical College to carry out a burn of our prairie and wetlands areas. The burn will help control weeds and other invasive plants and rejuvenate the native grasses and flowers. A ‘back burn’ technique will be employed…with each burn area going toward the pond to avoid smoke going toward the condos.

I recently communicated with Jon and he indicated that the approximate time frame for the burn is April 1- April 15.

FVTC will contact the fire department and county sheriff prior to the burn. They will also try to provide a 24-hour advance notice; however, because the burn is weather dependent, we may not receive much advance notice. Typically, Jon has approximately eight students assist him with the burn.

I will keep you posted and will provide additional information as I receive it. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Sandy Bush


(920) 810-2026

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