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Dear Spring Lake Condo Owners:

We would like to make our owners aware of the situation referring to the extreme amount of geese in our Common Area. According to the DNR, the population of resident geese in Wisconsin has dramatically increased over the past 25 years. In some areas the increase has led to problems like landscape damage, decreased water quality, disruption of recreational activities and decreased aesthetics from abundant goose droppings. Unfortunately, they can bite if they feel threatened. They can also transfer bacteria to humans such as chlamydiosis, e-coli, listeria, pasteurella, multocida and salmonella.

We realize that some Members may not think the geese are a nuisance. It is the goal of the Board of Directors to protect our Common Area’s aesthetics as well as keeping it clean for our Members, Guests and pets to enjoy.

SLCA volunteers have worked the past couple of years to try to reduce the number of geese and to keep them off of our Common Area.

There are about a dozen artificial swans placed on our property, but this doesn’t seem to have helped as the geese get used to them. Last Spring, fishing line was placed around all of the entry areas that the geese could gain entry to. Once their babies were born and the babies could get underneath, there was no keeping the adults back and the lines became tangled and torn away as the geese went through them.

Two SLCA volunteers, Tom Asmuth and JJ Toppins have agreed to gather information and try to come up with one or more solutions to at least help reduce the amount of geese population in our area.

If any Members have knowledge, ideas or have interest in assisting Tom and JJ, please contact Tom at 920-470-4296 at your earliest convenience.

Until a solution has been found, we would appreciate any assistance you can provide in helping to deter the geese from staying here. We have been using a powerhorn that has the sound of a very loud siren that seems to deter them and is a tactic suggested to us by Wildlife Services.

Thank you for your understanding.

SLCA Board of Directors

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