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Invasive Species Invades Pond

Curlyleaf pondweed, a troublesome invasive plant species, has returned to the main pond after a two-year absence.

Here is some background information on curlyleaf and how the association plans to combat it….

Curlyleaf is weed with oblong blue-green leaves attached to a spaghetti-like stem that produces small flowers that rise a few inches above the water surface. The plant also produces “turions,” or small, greenish-brown pinecones that settle to the bottom of the pond. These turions produce new plants the following year.

The plant dies off in late spring-early summer and releases nutrients (primarily phosphorus) at a time when climatic conditions are optimal for algae growth.

Curlyleaf has a unique life cycle. It begins to grow under the ice in the winter and dies off in June- early July. Because of this life cycle, curlyleaf must be treated chemically in early spring before the water temperature reaches 50-55 degrees.

Curleyleaf appeared in our pond in 2012 requiring three annual chemical treatments costing $3,000 per application. The weed was absent the past two summers.

Our service provider, Lake and Ponds Solutions, has informed us that there is no viable option to address the current situation.

The Board, however, plans to resume chemical treatments early next spring.

Dar Schmidt, Chair

Ponds Committee

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