Goose Siren Update

A solar powered, remote controlled siren has been placed on the North side of the South pond. The unit

stands about 4 feet tall and has a siren placed on it that sounds just like a police siren.The purpose of the unit is to help deter the geese from hanging around our ponds. Back in early spring, a hand held siren was used for the same purpose and proved to be effective. Wildlife Services has instructed us to make as much noise and be as active as possible around the geese to encourage them to find homes elsewhere. Fortunately, we have not seen many geese around lately, so hopefully our efforts are paying off. This is an experimental process. If it proves to be beneficial, we will build more if needed and place in other places. There are two remotes that can reach about 300 yards from the siren. At this time, Barb Armstrong and Tom & Pat Asmuth have the remotes. They will be tested about once a week just to make sure they are working properly. The siren will never go off before 9:00 am or after 9:00 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff McLaughlin at Pfefferle Management at

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