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Neighborhood Safety Concern

Spring Lake Condominium Owners,

This letter is to inform homeowners of an incident that took place at one of our homes this week.

On Tuesday, August 7th, an intruder – a white 16 year-old male -- entered the one of the homes on Hawkfield Court, while the members were present. The Board has been advised that this individual may have developmental issues, but he is not understood to be dangerous. Apparently, his communication skills are quite limited. The Sheriff was summoned and the individual was removed. We are informed that he may be under a temporary hold. We are also informed that he recently moved, with his family, to a home that is a mile or two from Spring Lake. Authorities are working with the family to try and get the help they need so this does not continue. Given the foregoing, we recommend that you keep your doors locked, even during the day. If you hear or see anything unusual, call 911 immediately. This information is provided to you via email and will be posted on our website. Please pass this on to your neighbors if you don’t think they get email.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jeff McLaughlin, Pfefferle Management at 920-730-4284.

SLCA Board of Directors

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